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Origin Story: The Lotus

So I often get asked why did you choose the Lotus for the emblem of the gym. Does it have any significance? To answer both of those questions I will say that the Lotus does have great significance to myself and there is a specific reason as to why it is the symbol of the tribe. Rewind close to 4 going on 5 years now, my life was vastly different at the time. Broke up with my girlfriend, No income coming in, learning how to teach, actively competing and unable to provide everything I needed for myself.

It was a time of great darkness in my life. Everything seemed to be going upside down, and I couldn’t really see anything positive ahead. I was working hard at learning how to teach, as well as actively competing, but something was missing. I had spoken to my instructor with plans on setting out and establishing Richmond Hill Muay Thai. He asked me what will the logo of your gym be? It’s very important as it is the first thing people will see, so it has to be a reflection of what it is your trying express.

I sat with this for quite some time and really mulled it over. Something in me was drawn towards the Lotus, I had hear a quote that about the lotus that stuck out and really resonated with me:

We have always used the lotus flower as symbolism because a lotus flower grows best wherever the slush is thick. Wherever the water is dirty and filthy, that is where it grows best. This is the way life is.

Within and around my life at that time, things were simply falling apart and chaotic. But despite the chaos, the vision stayed alive. The experience and the journey was painful at times, and exhilarating at others, but the journey kept moving forward. The struggle created a beautiful experience, the story attracted many others to the community, and we became a group of people building ourselves and each other. Not shying away from difficulty but heading towards it for the positive impact hardship brings. Building technical skill, proficiency and learning to understand your body is definitely a difficult process. But truly appreciating the experience of growth far out weighs the momentary experience of hardship.

So the meaning of the Lotus is simple:

Amidst the chaos, beautiful things can and will survive and thrive.

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