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Kru Ryan

Owner, Head Instructor

Kru Ryan James is a certified Kru under Ajahn Suchart, as well as through the Sport Authority of Thailand and the Nai Khanom Tom association. He also is an avid competitor in Muay Thai, and had the honour of competing for the 2017 Canadian National Muay Thai team in Belarus and in Mexico City.

With an educational background in Philosophy and an avid passion for human development, his approach to teaching and training are geared towards improving not just the physical, but the human behind the technique. 

More than just a Muay Thai instructor, Kru Ryan believes in giving back to the community and is involved in various programs within Richmond Hill and the GTA that are geared towards building self-esteem and physical health. 


  • Over 10 Years Muay Thai Experience 

  • Certified Kru under the Sport Authority of Thailand

  • LINEAGE: Ajahn Suchart, Kru Yai Nick Bautista

  • Trainer of All Levels 

  • 2016 - Gold Medalist at Canadian National Muay Thai Championships

  • 2017 - Canadian National Muay Thai Team Member 

  • 2017 - Bronze Medalist at The Pan American Games, Mexico

  • 2017 - Silver Medalist at the Canadian National Championships



With over 10 years of experience improving the health and fitness of her clients, Kim brings a wealth of knowledge to the RHMT team. Her priority as a coach and trainer is to help the students of RHMT reach their goals through nutrition planning and custom workouts.

Kim specializes in:

  • One-on-one training

  • Group classes

  • Weight loss for men and women

  • Strength and conditioning

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General Manager, Strength & Conditioning Coach


PC Jen

With vast Muay Thai experience in and out of the ring, Jen brings a unique approach to teaching that is fuelled by passion and knowledge.


Jen combines her expertise in martial arts with high-energy physical training to ensure every session is as effective and enjoyable as possible. Her classes are designed for both experienced and novices alike, as she specializes in customizing classes to suit each person’s individual needs.

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Coach Anand

Richmond Hill Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Club, Head Instructor

Anand is a practitioner and active competitor in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, currently holding the rank of brown belt. He began his journey of martial arts through traditional striking as a kid, but grew to love grappling as an adult. His health and fitness have greatly benefitted from training in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, and he is passionate about sharing this art and culture with students. Outside of training, Anand is an Osteopathic Manual Practitioner and a longtime yoga instructor.


Poo Choi Kru (Assistant) Muay Thai Instructor

Apollo Boxing, Head Instructor

Coach Allan

Apollo Boxing, Head Instructor

As a top-tier Cuban boxing coach and athlete for over 10 years, Allan brings both skill and knowledge to the students of Apollo Boxing. 


Through his unique ability to engage and instruct, Allan is dedicated to the systematic development of technical proficiency and fitness of all students.

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Satinder discovered yoga in 2008, where she was mesmerized by the immediate and positive effects the practice had on her mind and body.  After several years of contemplation, Satinder completed her yoga teacher training in Toronto in hopes to inspire others in their own journeys. 


Satinder appreciates how yoga has the ability to simultaneously calm the mind, while invigorating the body. She strives to teach creative flows with gentle, healing and therapeutic movement, focused on building physical and mental fortitude. She aims to guide a practice that is perfect for students of all levels, seeking a holistic yogic experience - including breath work, asanas, and meditation - to nurture the mind, body and soul.

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Humble Warrior Yoga, Head Instructor

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